Radiological Services and
Mixed & Radioactive Waste Brokerage Provider

We are the nation’s premier group of experts that provide a full-scope of services; including but not limited to, decontamination and MARSSIM decommissioning, mixed and LLR waste management, and radiological and health physics services.

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Why NAC Philotechnics
We provide various services including:
  • Low-Level Radioactive and Mixed Waste Consulting and Disposal
  • NORM & TENORM Consulting and Disposal
  • Source Macro-encapsulation
  • MARSSIM D&D/License Terminations and Facility Release for Unrestricted Use
  • Health Physics Services
  • Dedicated and Scheduled Transportation Services
  • Preparation of all shipping paperwork (NRC & UHW Manifests, BOL's, etc.)
  • Packaging assistance, Marking and Labeling
  • Notifications to State for applicable reciprocity
  • And many more!
Contact Us
Michael Brisbin Miller
Director of Business Development
Phone: 724-480-7592
Radiological & D&D Services
Ken Gavlik
VP Radiological Services
Phone: 865-816-8495
Waste Management & Brokerage Services
Meghan Turvey
VP Waste Management
Phone: 865-285-3064
General Inquiries
Corporate Office:
201 Renovare Blvd
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


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Main Fax: 865-220-0686

San Diego Office:
7945 Dunbrook Road, Suite H, San Diego, CA 92126

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